La Sentinelle by naturehumaine

By : Dennis Franklin | 24 Jan 2014 7:28 pm | Homes

The naturehumaine architectural practice created this private residence called La Sentinelle in 2013 and if is located in Lac de la Cabane, Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard, Canada.

The elegant contemporary home is owned by a family with three children who decided to sell their previous country home because it didn’t provide sufficient natural light and they bought an empty lot so that they could build a house which was completely suitable to their needs and desires.

The site has a southern exposure and offers views of the Lac-de-la-Cabane Lake. Since the terrain imposed some restrictions, the designers created an L shaped structure with the rectangular block toward the east and west being placed on the top of the site and the block oriented toward north-south underneath it separating the private and the social sections of the house.

The living spaces and the master bedroom are on the upper section to offer the best views, while the lower block is where the children have their game room and the three bedrooms.



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