La Luciole Concert Hall by Moussafir Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 20 May 2015 7:16 am | Other, Urban

Located in Alencon, France this concert hall was designed by the practice of Moussafir Architects as a landmark that offers a contrast to the nearby exhibition center.

The building’s exterior finishing tries to blend in with the blue skies and the nearby ocean and the facades use corrugated steel siding instead of the initial option for a combination of matte and polished stainless steel which would mirror the surroundings. The exterior also resembles a piece of high tech architecture with the blue panels that try to recreate a pixelated image of the sky.

The rural surroundings provide a visible contrast to the rest of the buildings but the dedication of the director and the wonderful location attracted a lot of renowned musicians from its opening in 1994 until the municipality decided to extend it and bring it up to date while also retaining its original intimacy.

The new stage permits the audience to surround it almost entirely, with the main structure composed of the two cylindrical steel frames, which intersect to mark the side of the stage and the part of the audience, and concrete enclosures for the stage part.



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