La Fontaine Apartment by Esrawe Studio

By : Mark V | 30 Jun 2015 3:03 am | Apartments, Interiors

This 200m2 apartment combines elements of modernism with elements of nature. The interior offers comfort and privacy, having terraces and inner gardens. It also accommodates working spaces, places fit for socializing and inviting friends and family over and also places for relaxation. It seems surprising for only a 200m2 apartment.

The designers chose a neutral palette of colours,fabrics,materials and textures so that the elements of nature can be easily perceived. The common and private areas are separated by a hallway. In the middle of the space there is a green wall and the great thing about this detail is that the wall can be seen from every point in the apartment.

The house is divided into two levels. The lower level has the service bedroom, the pantry, guest bathroom, second bedroom’s bathroom and the linen closet. The upper level has the main bathroom and the main bedroom. The main bedroom seems to fade into a private terrace. The terrace is filled with vegetation.

There is wood flooring in this area-it highlights the idea of privacy. The kitchen has an interesting design. The architects decided to turn it into an open kitchen that would encapsulate the two-story high ceiling and this area also contains a sort of a bridge that takes you to the upper terrace.

The design of the main bathroom is spectacular. It looks like an enormous box, the colour chosen here is black and the floor is covered in an ebony crystal marble-and so are the walls and paneling. The bathroom has two openings: one opening gives you access to the hallway that leads you straight into the main bedroom and library and the other opening leads to the center of the space where the green wall is.

Various materials were used. Hardwood was the main selection. The apartment’s surface, the walls and doors have a gray lacquer finish, as we mentioned before the main bathroom is made of marble while the secondary bathrooms have quarry stone. The furniture has a neutral tone. It’s a combination of walnut wood tones that was applied lacquer. The pieces of furniture were custom designed.


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