La Fabrique by Marc Mimram

By : Dennis Franklin | 8 Apr 2014 8:02 pm | Education

The French architect Marc Mimram designed La Fabrique, a new building for the Strasbourg campus of the Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Architecture with a translucent exterior made of aluminum covers.

The title La Fabrique was chosen to reflect the industrial heritage of the area and to connect the structure with the architecture from the nineteenth century throughout the city. Due to the purpose of the building, the designers wanted the structure to be an exploration between the metal exterior and its interior with a glazed surface to offer a view of its surroundings.

The structure spreads over seven floors and during the day the aluminum mesh creates a textured opaque surface which becomes transparent during nighttime due to the illumination inside. The floors are slightly irregular in their disposition to give the appearance of a stack of boxes and each floor hosts classrooms with a view of the city skyline. The lower volumes have been cantilevered toward the exterior and the upper ones are smaller in size.



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