Kyriad Hotel by Kilo Architectures in Le Mans

By : Mark V | 20 Nov 2011 11:29 pm | Other

The metal roof is asymmetrical and this is just one of the things you first notice when looking at the Kyriad Hotel that can be found in Le Mans, France. The façade is made of timber and the windows seem to be randomly placed in the structure of the hotel,that was designed by the Paris studio Kilo Architectures.

The design of the building is meant to be perceived from the speeding cars since the hotel is built next to the circuit of the world’s oldest sports car race.The style is also called “architectural speed” for designs that are meant to be viewed in motion.

The façade with its windows that are horizontal plays with the eye of the viewer since the scale of the structure cannot be easily perceived .Every room seems different than the other and the unique perspective from every room is rendered with the original placement of the horizontal windows that seem to be randomly scattered on the façade.

There are some windows that are placed at the line of the ceiling while other seems to be placed at the line of the floor. The view from the inside of the hotel is wonderful.


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