Kronverk Cinema by Robert Majkut Design

By : Dennis Franklin | 8 Aug 2015 3:21 pm | Other

One of the leading cinema networks on the Russian market encompassing 15 cinema theatres in Russia and one in Ukraine recently opened another high quality Kronverk Cinema theater in the city of Warsaw, Poland.

Created by the practice of Robert Majkut Design the space features the distinctive elements of the Kronverk brand, their logo and colors being the principal themes for the project and they blended them together into a smooth interior with all the geometric forms integrated, focusing especially on the crown symbol which can be identified in several spots as the logo.

The colors and patterns vary from an area to the next with a geometric entrance inviting the guests into a lobby designed as a tunnel with seat modules and a ceiling that creates a light flickering effect. There are figurative artworks throughout the VIP Bar and the Alcohol Bar tries to provide an impression of saturated space. The VIP Lounge on the other hand offers an intimate ambiance with black and purple tones and is decorated with precious materials.

The amount of diversity in the interiors is a modern reminiscence of the Russian style borrowing traditional ornaments and combining them with the latest technology.



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