KOOK Restaurant by Noses Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 16 Sep 2015 5:09 pm | Restaurants & Bars

Called KOOK, this pizza restaurant located on via Cassia 2040 in Rome, Italy tries to resemble an apartment offering a warmer and more comfortable ambiance to its guests through the familiar setting.

Designed by the team of Noses Architects, the restaurant features glass, iron and concrete as predominant materials providing a modern feeling and bright light, while the use of wood offers the space a bit of warmth and also a natural tone to the otherwise industrial like environment. The nature itself though is here secondary and the tree at the entrance hall was encased in glass to become an exhibit and strictly decorative element.

The natural elements aren’t the only ones adding a bit of color to the palette, but the furnishings also provide strong colors, such as the red sofas. Through the combination of industrial elements with classical and contemporary ones, the restaurant tries to provide an eclectic design that aims to impress through its spontaneity and variety… and through its food of course.



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