Koltsovo Airport by Nefaresearch

By : Dennis Franklin | 22 Aug 2014 6:55 pm | Airports

The VIO lounge of the Ekaterinburg Airport was designed by the Nefaresearch architectural practice for persons who have to travel often and spend a lot of time in airports between check-in and flights so the lounge becomes a second office space for them.

Two oval structures with a complex geometry define the lounge and the largest one hosts the bar and a food court where you can work on your laptop or enjoy a cup of coffee on a cozy sofa. The screen wall in this area is transparent and there are white pipes above it to set an industrial tone that integrates well with the perforated aluminum entrances and glass.

There are shopping areas with famous brands and a Duty Paid. The VIP section is spread over a ground floor and a mezzanine where there are meeting rooms as well as restrooms with showers, while the lower level hosts the bar and lounge zone with complex sculptural volumes defining the interior.



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