KohTalu Island Resort by VaSLab Architecture

By : Dennis Franklin | 28 Aug 2014 6:32 am | Hotels & Spas

The VaSLab Architecture practice designed this amazing island resort on the hills of the KohTalu Island in PrachuapKhiri Khan, Thailand with 13 rooms overlooking the nearby gulf.

The project spreads over a surface of 3500 square meters with coral reefs in the vicinity to provide great scuba diving and snorkeling to the visitors as well as eco-tours to learn about turtle breeding and coral reef cemetery sightseeing.

The natural resources of the island inspired the design but brought a modern touch into the mix to ensure the best comfort for its residents. There are 13 independent villas and recreational facilities inside a pine forest and at the bottom of the hill you can reach an open-air restaurant as well as the historical gallery of the island which gives access to the main pier.

The masterplan has a geometry similar to a coral branch with the villas oriented to get the most wind from the sea and local materials were used for the construction, since pine wood abounds as well as natural stone.


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