Kobato Nursery School by so1architect

By : Dennis Franklin | 13 Oct 2014 8:50 pm | Education

The Kobato Nursery School located in Kashiwa, Japan was designed in 2011 by the practice of so1architect to extend an already existing and partially demolished nursery so that a more open layout would be created to enhance the connection between the outdoors and the interior.

There are several small boxes placed with gaps between them to define the large rooms, so the layout is comprised of smaller and larger rooms alternating to support the roof or the columns. The interior walls and ceiling have pentagonal or square surfaces that create a honeycomb pattern.

The small boxes contain the storage areas for chairs or tables, restrooms and they also host the playrooms. The larger rooms permit more interaction with their skylights and these are the spaces where the children draw or dance, with sliding doors as the only separating elements between them so that they can become a single space that can host larger events.


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