Kew House 3 in Melbourne, Australia

By : Mark V | 5 Jul 2015 5:26 pm | Homes

Located in Melbourne, Australia the Kew House 3 was designed by Vibe Design Group. The 60s and early 70s stereo cabinets with the slatted timber were the source of inspiration for the front façade. Angled steel posts that look like stereo cabinet legs help the house stay balanced and they make the house appear to be floating.

The cladding used Silvertop Ash to make the house blend with the surroundings. Silvertop Ash timber has a powerful visual effect. The designers wanted to make the upper level look like a tree house-and they succeeded in doing that. Another material used for the house was ExoTec Façade Panel System that creates a contrast to the timber.

The living area overlooks the BBQ zone, the pool and backyard. Overall, there is a sense of privacy. When you enter the house you notice a flat veneer wall which is there to contribute to the idea that you are in a tree house. The house also has a powder room, cellar, cloak and an integrated kitchen. The house seems private thanks to hidden doors that establish the privacy.

The cantilevered box on the street façade has a purpose. It houses the day bed and library that mix with the study area. The landscape is reflected in a glass splash back wall in the study. The house also has a dumbwaiter that goes from the garage into the scullery. The bathrooms have Calcutta Marble and the kitchen uses Caesar stone bench tops.

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