Kayak office extension by ACTWO Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 7 Jun 2015 12:51 pm | Offices

The renowned online travel services company Kayak employed the practice of ACTWO Architects again to extend their office space after they created the first office spaces for the company, now with spaces on the level below the existing one, that will feature a new breakout, recreational and collaboration spaces, a large conference room that can be subdivided and several additional office spaces linked to the other ones through a stairway.

The new stair also creates a perfect place for a coffee bar where employees can have their breaks and exchange ideas. The color palette (with white and orange predominating) is inspired by the Kayak brand and it tries to combine with the different degrees of transparency that can be found in the spaces near the stair on both levels.

Also due to the brand specific occupation on travel there are similarities between the interior of the building and the design of an airport terminal with compartmentalized spaces that use glass walls to maintain the open space feeling and glazing for the more intimate interiors such as the conference rooms.



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