KaiF by FORM

By : Dennis Franklin | 5 Nov 2014 8:26 pm | Apartments

KaiF is the name of an apartment in Kiev, Ukraine which was designed in 2014 by the FORM architectural practice by removing the unnecessary additions and creating a simple and contemporary setting.

Spreading over a surface of 120 square meters, the clients wanted as much space as it was possible so the store rooms, walk-in closets and the two bathrooms were hidden to ensure an open and fluent interior layout.

The entrance area can be enclosed through a three meter gate to separate it from the living area which integrates the kitchen while also being clearly defined due to a wall that can be accessed from both sides. The dining area continues from the kitchen and the bedrooms have been left almost the same except for a recessed balcony that was attached to one of them to serve as a home office.

The micro cement is the material of choice for the living room flooring which can be seen as a single surface to add an extra connective element between the living area and the lavatory, while the walls appear as “living forms” to bring extra warmth and texture indoors.


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