Jury Café by Biasol Design Studio

By : Dennis Franklin | 13 Nov 2014 4:39 pm | Restaurants & Bars

The Jury Café located inside the Pentridge Village which was formerly Pentridge Prison, a historical site in Melbourne, Australia was created by the Biasol Design Studio with several raw materials blended together for a fresh look.

The prison was decommissioned in 1997 but the designers wanted to evoke the dark past of the site while also giving a new purpose to the interior. The interior employs rich colors to contrast the light timber and dark bluestone walls and the materials chosen for the design area plyboard, structural wood and concrete with a triangular geometric pattern.

The bar sign is made from CNC plywood with LED lights as backlighting and the furniture pieces were bespoke and combined with greenery brought by Pop Plant to add a natural touch. The bar stools, tables and seats are all made of plywood and the large glass doors and windows ensure a bright ambiance inside with sufficient sunlight.


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