Joyful Attic Apartment

By : Dennis Franklin | 22 Jan 2015 10:54 am | Apartments

There are so many balanced and attractive interiors in Scandinavia that we can never get enough, so today we take a look at an attic apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden that combines the typical minimalist approach with turn of the century elements and contemporary ones.

The building is older, so some of its characteristics carry out into the loft to give it more character and the project spreads over a surface of 85 square meters. The apartment begins with a hallway tiled with natural stone flooring to bring texture and contrast to the white walls and brickwork.

There are two floors with the kitchen being recently renovated to ensure sufficient room for a gathering and it also acts as a dining area. The exposed beams and sloping roofs that are typical in an attic apartment are present here as well and they add more complexity to the interior without reducing the overall surface too much.

The master bedroom is next to the living room and is equipped with underfloor heating as well as a fireplace to withstand the harsh climate of the region.


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