Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Institute Offices by Sergey Estrin Architectural Studios

By : Dennis Franklin | 27 May 2014 7:29 pm | Offices

The Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Institute Offices in Moscow, Russia were designed by the Sergey Estrin Architectural Studios with a modern atmosphere which offers a great working environment while also making the employees feel calm and cozy.

The reception desk is the focal point of the entrance with its glowing acrylic glass and the ambiance is enriched by copper walls which try to define a new aesthetic which shies away from the typical offices, employing bright colors and the stylized dandelion motif present to remind of the brand logo.

The copper panels have glowing glass inserts between them to make the space seem larger and they also make the areas more dynamic. The eye examination rooms have limitations on the natural light and thus there are deaf walls on these areas, but the windows on the corridors make the spaces seem open to compensate for this.

White laminated doors add extra light and the auditorium where conferences and performances take place have been lined with trapezoidal panels with LED light strips at the ends.



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