Jiaotong University of Law in Shanghai by Kokaistudios

By : Dennis Franklin | 7 Jul 2013 10:11 am | Education

Located in Shanghai, China, the Jiaotong University of Law was designed by the architectural practice of Kokaistudios, one from which we have covered a previous work here.

The project uses a modern design which tries to emphasize the instinct of progress inherent in the idea of university itself and also to transform the building into a landmark for the region which has a historical and symbolic role for the city.

There are a lot of historical buildings in the vicinity of the University with brick facades and there are also a lot of trees to provide a landscape which was the starting point for the project. The building is divided into two functional areas, the lower one with the public areas and the library, and the other one with the classrooms and offices. Both of them are enclosed into a single volume with a façade that tries to reflect the surroundings through red brick cement plasters and glass.

The project also hosts a garden facing the library which provides a great place for relaxing and contemplation and to its west is an outdoor theater for small shows.



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