Jellyfish House by Wiel Arets Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 21 Jan 2014 5:11 pm | Homes

The practice of Wiel Arets Architects designed the Jellyfish House located in Marbella, Malaga, Spain nearby the Mediterranean coast so that the project offers a view of the nearby sea.

The designers cantilevered the pool from the roof so that you always have a view of the beach and sea while swimming or sunbathing. There are two main paths of circulation, one for fast access and another one that offers you a tour, intertwining and traversing the four levels of the living areas.

The fast route is enclosed in glass and transports you right on the rooftop, while the other one spans over the entire length of the house from the main entrance to the roof. The infinity edge pool has a glass bottom floor and a panoramic window at the interior facing edge so that the persons in the kitchen can see those who swim.

There are five bedrooms in the house, two located on the basement level for the guests facing onto a private terrace that is exclusively for them. The first floor hosts a sauna and steam bath with a service elevator ensuring easy access to drinks or snacks from the kitchen.



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