Jackrabbit Wash by Aaron D’Innocenzo

By : Dennis Franklin | 29 Jun 2013 12:37 pm | Homes

Located in the Mojave Desert close to Joshua Tree, California, USA the Jackrabbit Wash is a residential project designed by the architect Aaron D’Innocenzo after he graduated with a Master in Architecture.

The project was entirely designed and hand built by the owner with a passive solar design that allows it to heat and cool itself throughout the year without the need of any additional energy input from traditional HVAC systems.

Almost all the elements of the project were designed and hand crafted specifically for this house and thus it provides optimal conditions for the owner although the entire project took eight years to complete and was finished in 2012.

The house provides a warm color palette with a lot of textures such as wood or natural stone and through the abundant use of glass it creates a strong connection with the surrounding desert. The exterior also hosts a terrace and a swimming pool for the hot days and inside is a fireplace in case the nights become too cold.



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