Jack Nicklaus Golf Club by Yazdani Studio

By : Mark V | 13 Jan 2013 9:42 pm | Other

A unique project in South Korea (and probably the rest of the continent as well), considering its scale and aims, is the Jack Nicklaus Golf Club near Seoul, more precisely in Incheon Metropolitan City.

The developers of this majestic achievement are the designers from the Yazdani Studio of Cannon Design who pride themselves as always aiming for excellence in the field of architecture, and the large number of awards they received proves that they aren’t just trying for the outstanding, they actually achieve it. This edifice belongs in the same category.

The Golf Club was meant to be a standard of excellence for the private golf clubs and lifestyle communities in general. It has an 18-hole golf course with driving range and extensive water features. The clubhouse is the central part of the entire project and the location tries to combine the perfect blend of nature’s calm beauty and urban life’s ease and luxury.

It offers the opportunity of admiring the golf course through large panoramic windows andthe designers gave a lot of thought to the way the light travels through the inner surfaces trying to surprise the people inside with new details during each period of the day.

The Club will provide around 168 housing units and 95 villas with private parking for each one. These dwellings were built with the same idea of blending with the surrounding nature in mind.

Overall the project is really impressive; whether you watch it from afar and admire the whole design, or from the inside, allowing you to discover the little details of geometry and color that make it something quite unrivaled.

[Yazdani Studio]

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