Izakaya Kinoya by Jean de Lessard

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Sep 2014 12:00 am | Restaurants & Bars

The highly original Izakaya Kinoya is a restaurant and bar located in Montreal, Canada with an aesthetic that tries to emulate the function and spirit of the izakaya which is an informal place where you can drink beer and sake, bringing a true breath of fresh air into the area.

The project was created by the interior designer Jean de Lessard with soft lights and a cozy, welcoming ambiance that ensured the frequent visits of the clients, so the place was filled since the moment it was first opened.

The raw and diverse choice of wood brings a pleasant smell into the ambiance, especially when combined with the delicious cuisine and the interior was created with the aid of fractal geometry to recall the pattern of an articulated snake.

The chaotic interior was actually simply done with a broken line and a box, but it received the added element of unpredictability and aggression for extra dynamic.


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