IXSIR Winery by Raed Abillama Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 20 Sep 2013 3:04 pm | Other

The IXSIR Winery located in Basbina, Jbeil, Lebanon sits on a site which overlooks the coastal lines to the north and the cedar lines to the south east so that it acts as a synthesis of the old feudal house through the 140 year old structure and the modern factory.

Designed by the practice of Raed Abillama Architects, the winery has the old house above it to integrate with the landscape and the entire program is accessed through a staircase leading to the cellar, vats, storage stacks and the operation and management spaces. The main reception and insertion vantage are also underground.

The underground space is adapted to various programs of the vineyard and the wine making process is experienced through a sloped ramp which defines the architecture and integrates it with the manufacture process.

A prefabricated design was chosen to guide the speed of obstruction through arched shells for the cellar spaces and beams for the vat and the operation spaces. The entire cellar is below ground level to create the optimal temperature and humidity while the Vat spaces have natural ventilation through openings toward the north west.



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