ION Luxury Adventure Hotel

By : Dennis Franklin | 7 Oct 2013 5:54 pm | Hotels & Spas

This stunning piece of architecture is less than an hour away from the Reykjavik landmarks and it is next to a backdrop of mountainous lava fields to offer an amazing surrounding. Located in Nesjavellir, Iceland, the ION Luxury Adventure Hotel offers an elegant interior with high ceilings and large windows from which you can admire the unique landscape covered in thick moss and snow.

The hotel is designed to accommodate visitors who wish to have a quiet soak under the Northern Lights, to take a trek across one of the glaciers or to try out fishing in the icy rivers. Its location nearby the Golden Circle allows you to be in an ideal spot from which you can explore the heritage of the country with its rich flora and fauna.

The hotel is adjacent to the Þhingvellir National Park which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and next to the largest lake in Iceland, namely Thingvallavatn offering a lot of unique sites to visit.



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