Inviting Central Gothenburg Apartment

By : Dennis Franklin | 10 Feb 2015 9:11 pm | Apartments

Located in the central area of Gothenburg, Sweden, this apartment is in a great spot to enjoy the beautiful city and offers a perfect home in a turn of the century building with a view of the nearby rooftops.

The interior has several industrial elements still preserved for a more diverse and exciting aesthetic with the two rooms set in an open layout that permits a lot of interaction as well as a great design for a larger gathering.

The dining area can seat up to ten guests and the living room integrates the kitchen. Aside from these areas, the apartment includes a master bedroom and a home office space. spreading over a surface of 67 square meters, the interior appears larger due to the three meter ceiling heights and the white tone predominating enhances the feeling of brightness and airiness. The second floor provides access to a 150 square meter terrace that has a lot of sunlight exposure due to the southwest location.


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