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Porsche Pavilion by HENN

By : Dennis Franklin | 2 Jul 2015 3:40 am | Stores / Showrooms

The new Porsche Pavilion on the Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany provides the visitors with an impressive design for the famous brand that presents an organically shaped structure that has a curved roof construction covering 400 square meters with exhibition areas. The sculptural characteristics of the building are inspired by the brand image of Porsche and the interior with its linear design gives the idea of speed and dynamism. The stainless steel cladding covering the building provides a homogenous unity that…

The Red Miele Light Box by Gonzalo Mardones Viviani.

By : Mark V | 25 Jun 2015 1:05 pm | Stores / Showrooms

The Miele Light Box is a pavilion designed by Gonzalo Mardones Viviani that can be found in Huechuraba, Santiago, Chile. The project was designed with the aid of Douglas Leonard, Pablo Qualitz, Sebastian Marshall and Bang & Olufsen. The main idea for the project comes from a want to reflect the Miele products as accurately as possible through the shape of the building. The products are light and so the building is suspended on a black pedestal to give the…

Ferrari Factory Store in Alessandria, Italy

By : Mark V | 15 Jun 2015 3:34 am | Interiors, Stores / Showrooms

The store can be found in Serravalle Scrivia, near McArthur Glen Outlet. The architects from Iosa Ghini Associates designed the place in Alessandria, Italy. This store in particular is a trendsetter when it comes to the history of the Ferrari Stores since it is the first structure to be designed in conformity with the brand. The location of the store is favourable, since this store is the first thing you notice when you come from the access roads or the…

L’Avenue Shanghai by Leigh & Orange

By : Dennis Franklin | 12 Jun 2015 8:32 pm | Stores / Showrooms

The L’Avenue will be the largest Louis Vuitton flagship in the world and it will be located in the Chang Ning district of Shanghai. Spreading over 28 floors with a ground floor area of 140000 square meters, the project was designed by the local architectural practice of Leigh & Orange with the conceptual design made by Jun Aoki and Associates. The structure will have a height of 134 meters and its shape features several twists and curvatures making it quite…

FHL Sports Store by Design Spirits

By : Dennis Franklin | 9 Jun 2015 7:18 am | Stores / Showrooms

The award winning Japanese architectural and design practice of Design Spirits were employed to transform the space of a loft styled in the typical New York fashion into a minimalist and contemporary sports store. Located in Kuala Lumpur in one of the residential areas that are currently under development, the FHL Sports Store specializes in biking equipment such as sport shoes, triathlon bicycles and all the additional paraphernalia required. The designers used a vector brick pattern on the walls, cabinet…

Comete Jewelry Store in Milan by Studio Apostoli

By : Mark V | 5 Jun 2015 6:15 am | Interiors, Stores / Showrooms

Studio Apostoli is a company known for its projects that revolve around the field of concept design. They designed the wonderful Comete Jewelry Store located in Milan, Italy- the store representing the famous brand Comete. The designers were inspired from the motto of the company “Romanticamente schierati” (lined up in a romantic way) when they chose a combination of styles to encapsulate both feelings and emotions and reasons and rationality into one big design. The design does have an impact…

Santini Shoox by SHINE Architecture

By : Mark V | 22 May 2015 8:01 pm | Stores / Showrooms

SHINE Architecture together with Miguel Maestro designed a commercial space for the Santini Stores and they didn’t let out any bit of style while doing it. Aiming more towards a classical approach when it comes to colors with the elegant combination of black and golden, the designers tried a more contemporary approach with the storefront, which is made out of undulating paper strips. They also paid close attention to separating the style of the section for men from the section…

Italian Fashion Store by Alberto Apostoli

By : Mark V | 19 May 2015 12:56 am | Interiors, Stores / Showrooms

Alberto Apostoli Studio encountered some difficulties when designing the new fashion store from Eliseo. But nothing is impossible for the architects of Apostoli Studio, and.. they managed to create a store that attracts the eye and that represents the brand really well. The architects said that the concept behind the project was mainly a blend between imagination and reason since they used creativity and rationality to refine forms, to define lights and colours for the store’s design.The men from Alberto…

Neil Barrett ‘Shop in Shops’ by Zaha Hadid Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 16 May 2015 6:18 pm | Stores / Showrooms

The practice of Zaha Hadid Architects designed the Neil Barrett ‘Shop in Shops’, a concept that divides the project into 6 different pieces, in the cities of Seoul and Hong Kong. There are four ‘Shop in Shops’ in Seoul and one in Hong Kong and each has specific pieces installed into them to offer a different display landscape through each of the stores. As if each shop is a variation and a piece of the whole, they were carved and… Flagship Showroom by Bureau de Change

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Mar 2015 8:43 am | Stores / Showrooms is a website selling bespoke or designer furniture directly from the manufacturers and their new Flagship Showroom was designed in 2015 by the Bureau de Change architectural practice. Located in Soho, London, England, the project reevaluates the purpose and overall concept of a showroom to integrate the latest technology so that the customer experience would be truly improved with a combination of museum-like setting and high tech features. The project is in one of the busiest shopping districts of…

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