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Ethos Foods

By : lau | 26 Feb 2015 5:46 pm | Restaurants & Bars

Ethos Foods is a self-service vegetarian restaurant located near Oxford Circus in London, UK and it was created through the collaboration of the I-AM architectural practice with the entrepreneur Jessica Kruger. The design focuses on the customer, so the interior has a very carefully considered layout that allows easy flow with a dynamic dining environment and instead of having the typical self-service buffets the project uses dishes to present the products in a more appealing manner. The overall tones are…

Apartment For An Art Collector by Consuelo Jorge

By : lau | 26 Feb 2015 10:20 am | Apartments

This apartment combines exquisite works of art with a contemporary design created by the architect Consuelo Jorge to offer a very elegant and quite unique home for an art collector in Brazil. The designer had to ensure a comfortable home for the inhabitants while also providing a carefully considered setting for the works of art and the harmony he achieved is indeed impressive. The modern ambiance is bright and open with the entrance defining the tone of the entire apartment…

Haruki’s apartment by The Goort

By : lau | 24 Feb 2015 9:47 pm | Apartments

This cozy apartment located in Mariupol, Ukraine was redesigned by the Goort architectural practice to improve its efficiency so that a young couple can call this space their new home. The apartment’s main problem was the small surface of only 35.7 square meters but the designers came up with innovative storage options and a minimalist layout that allows it to entertain guests and even host movie nights due to the home-cinema implemented and the inhabitants have all their needed programs…

Del Frisco’s Grille Pasadena by SF Jones Architects

By : lau | 24 Feb 2015 12:58 pm | Restaurants & Bars

The Del Frisco’s Grille Pasadena is an elegant restaurant located in Pasadena, California and it was designed by the SF Jones Architects practice in 2015 to transform the ground floor of an office space on Lake Avenue, LA County. Spreading over a surface of 6500 square feet, the restaurant has a capacity of 175 seats with three seating options that range from upholstered booths along the exhibition kitchen to comfortable booths made with tufted fabrics and in the center several…

Falling Lotus Blossoms EON IT Park by Form4 Architecture

By : lau | 23 Feb 2015 10:38 pm | Offices

The Falling Lotus Blossoms EON IT Park is a complex of four buildings located in Pune, India and it was designed in 2014 by the Form4 Architecture practice to offer a contemporary workplace that is a landmark contrasting the countryside with a view of the river and nearby fields. The complex spreads over a surface of four million square feet and has a geometric structure inspired from the white lotus which is the national flower of India. Four petals are…

Scent of Garden Apartment by Brain Factory

By : lau | 20 Feb 2015 9:06 pm | Apartments

The Scent of Garden Apartment takes its name from the organic touches added to the interior by the Brain Factory architectural practice and it is located in Rome, Italy with aromatic plants bringing a pleasant scent to the whole ambiance. The project has an open layout with the entrance hall, lounge and kitchen areas separated by a luminous sliding door made of glass and there are several chromed niches in the living area for more storage space. The central pillar…

NAU Restaurant by Sandra Moura

By : lau | 20 Feb 2015 2:17 pm | Restaurants & Bars

The NAU Restaurant located in Brasilia, Brazil is a luxurious venue standing next to the Paranoa Lake and it was designed by the architect Sandra Moura in 2013 to bring a harmonious presence that creates a transition between the nearby sea and the concrete urban landscape. The designer began with the Mangai restaurant which was already completed for the same chain owning the NAU so the two projects were joined since they were occupying adjacent sites with only ten meters…

Tokyo Loft by G architects

By : lau | 20 Feb 2015 12:09 pm | Apartments

The Tokyo Loft designed by the G architects practice in 2014 is a unique apartment in the heart of the city and it replaces a 37 year old attic loft in a building with sloping ceilings and a raw industrial interior. The location is great due to the low rise apartment complex and easy access to a major highway so the designers converted the sloping ceilings into skylights to offer an unobstructed view of the surroundings and resolve the natural…

Capitol Hill loft by SHED Architecture & Design

By : lau | 19 Feb 2015 2:45 pm | Apartments

This loft in Seattle, Washington was remodeled by the SHED Architecture and Design studio to better suit the young couple inhabiting it and that their daily living patterns. The Capitol Hill loft spreads over a surface of 1702 square feet and it located in the 1310 East Union Building designed by the Miller Hull Partnership practice and receiving multiple awards. The original layout though lacked sufficient storage areas and the oversized hallway was taking too much space, so the designers…

Youth to Youth by batlab

By : lau | 19 Feb 2015 10:23 am | Apartments

The Youth to Youth located in Budapest, Hungary is a contemporary loft created in 2014 by the batlab architectural practice and it is inhabited by a young couple so the designers could try out daring concepts like the bright colors or the two stairs bedroom to reduce the need for space. The bed stands above the door since it was what the clients wanted and it led to a complex geometry inside that extends to the corners of the room…

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