Interior Renovation of an Apartment in Les Corts by Sergi Pons

By : Dennis Franklin | 15 Aug 2014 10:50 am | Interiors

This apartment was originally built in the nineteenth century and it is located in the Les Corts neighborhood of Barcelona, Spain currently owned by single person with two cats. The owner commissioned the Sergi Pons architectural practice in 2014 to refurbish the space since the original layout was filled with partitions and a chaotic placement of rooms and hallways.

The original wooden beams and stone wall were exposed to bring a rustic quality to the interior which creates a strong contrast to the white cube which stands in the center of the apartment to host the kitchen and bathroom with walls that don’t reach all the way to the ceiling so that there is a visual continuity throughout.

The bedroom, gallery and bathroom flooring is elevated to create a wooden platform that continues through the rest of the apartment and the kitchen has a large mirror to increase the sense of space as well as to divide the cube in half adding depth.



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