Inside the Johnnie Walker House in China

By : Mark V | 12 Oct 2011 10:37 pm | Interiors, Restaurants & Bars

The Johnnie Walker House can be found in the French concession of Shanghai, China and it is meant to host the famous, classy “Whisky Conversations”. It is housed in the 3 storey Sinan Mansion and it was designed by the inventive agency LOVE. The design “bottles up” the history of Johnnie Walker, the whisky knowledge and it encapsulates building blocks of whisky.

The design addresses the fine whisky connoisseurs. The “whisky conversations” are formed by the elements of decor. Malt and peat are put n a row against the wall of the entrance –they are the main ingredients when making whisky, this is why the designers placed them at the entrance-this is how the whisky journey begins. The graphic designs made by LOVE suggest the idea of a conversation. Copper lamps are shaped like whisky stills and the design itself reminds us of the idea “back to basics”.

A peculiar aspect is the whisky tasting-a lot of blends are exposed, making the Johnnie Walker House act like a “whisky showroom”. The floor was made in a way to copy the label that is found on the bottle. On the first story of the house the wall is breathtaking; it’s a constellation circular wall.

And the end of the tour, visitors reach a ceiling made of whisky glass-that being the final touch, compliments going to the designers from LOVE. The copper bar has a modern aspect and it has hanging vintage decanters that set the mood for whisky tasting and whisky conversations.

The house can also be considered important not only for the brand that it represents; it is also a testimony of the history of this beverage. It has innovative concepts when it comes to architecture-using symbols that remind us of whisky bottles, but it also has a retro touch-the elements of decor that remind us of the history of the brand.

It’s a successful experiment that turned into an architectural design.

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