INNOCEAN Headquarters by Ippolito Fleitz Group

By : Dennis Franklin | 5 Dec 2014 4:27 pm | Offices

INNOCEAN is a global marketing and communications company and their new Headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany was designed by the Ippolito Fleitz Group so that they would have an European center aside from their main one in Korea.

The interior of the office is flexible and truly modern with several different work environments where the employees can settle. The dynamic of the interior is the key feature of the design and from the entrance into the large reception hall the tone is set for the visitors and employees.

There are elements that guide you through the interior and some recreational areas permit the employees to relax at the in-house gym or the library with a stunning overview of Frankfurt from the fifth floor.

The materials chosen are of a very high quality to reflect the design standards of the firm and the work areas are intermingled with semi-public conference zones to promote interaction between the workers.


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