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Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital by Lyons and Conrad Gargett

By : lau | 24 Jan 2015 11:32 am | Urban

The Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital located in the Southbank Precinct of Brisbane, Australia is a specialist pediatric teaching facility with an exciting façade that ensures tertiary and quaternary health services in a structure spreading over 12 floors that was designed through the collaboration between the Lyons architectural practice and Conrad Gargett. The bright colors, with green and purple tones, integrate well into the nearby parklands and are joyful enough for a space designed with children in mind. The roofs are…

Grønneviksøren Student Apartments by 3RW Arkitekter

By : lau | 15 Jan 2015 5:02 pm | Urban

The Gronneviksoren Student Apartments located in Bergen, Norway were designed in 2013 by the practice of 3RW Arkitekter to bring a sustainable solution for low budget housing in a large city. The area is rapidly transforming and is at a 20 minute walk from the city center, being comprised of 16 building groups that have a height of up to eight levels. There are two separate building blocks with an open setting that connects to the city and they have…

Hollenbeck Police Station by AC Martin

By : lau | 9 Jan 2015 11:30 am | Urban

The AC Martin architectural practice built the new Hollenbeck Police Station in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California on the site of the existing 1958 station in a region that is filled with history and tradition. The heritage of the site was implemented into a daring design that celebrates the creative spirit of the area in an original way. The community needed to have a place with which they could relate and the murals, gardens and bright homes told the designers…

City Hall for the City of Illkirch-Graffenstaden by Atelier Filippini

By : lau | 9 Jan 2015 8:19 am | Urban

The City Hall for the City of Illkirch-Graffenstaden, France was designed by the Atelier Filippini after winning an international competition with a project that is made predominantly of perforated steel with new public facilities and an iconic façade. The project is in the central square of the city and features a reception area that acts as a protective shell hovering above a water surface with a steel envelope that still maintains a connection with the sky and nearby facades. The…

Tube Station Praha Střížkov by Patrik Kotas Atelier

By : lau | 16 Dec 2014 7:12 pm | Urban

The Praha Strizkov tube station located in Prague, The Czech Republic was designed in 2008 by the Patrik Kotas Atelier to improve the public transport infrastructure in the constantly growing city. The project is easily noticeable due to the impressive façade manufactured by Schuco and there is a constant visual connection with the outdoors due to the glazed surfaces of the building. The aesthetic chosen for the project is a futuristic one in which there is a main hall with…

Klyde Warren Park by Office of James Burnett

By : lau | 2 Dec 2014 3:55 pm | Urban
The Office of James Burnett; OJB
Klyde Warren Park
The Office of James Burnett; OJB
Klyde Warren Park

The Klyde Warren Park located in Dallas, Texas was designed in 2012 by the Office of James Burnett on the Woodall Rodgers Freeway to provide a pedestrian link between the Central Business District, Uptown and the Arts District with a natural landscape to protect and hide the structural deck below it. The deck hosts the utilities, stormwater infrastructure and soil volume needed to support the trees. Aside from the basic promenade, the park contains botanical gardens, a children’s park with…

Sderot Train Station by Ami Shinar – Amir Mann Architects and Planners

By : lau | 26 Nov 2014 8:37 pm | Urban

A new train track was recently built to connect the cities of Ashkelon and Beer-Sheva and the practice of Ami Shinar – Amir Mann Architects and Planners was commissioned to create a train station in Sderot, Israel along the track in a town that is only seven kilometers to the east of the Gaza strip. The frequent bombings make the setting of the project a delicate matter and the designers had to find a style that would be highly resistant…

Zhangjiagang Town River Reconstruction by Botao Landscape

By : lau | 7 Nov 2014 6:48 pm | Urban

The Town River in Zhangjiagang, China has a length of 2200 meters with a width of 12 meters and nearly half of it was covered by sewage since the 1990s leading to an environmental threat so it needed extensive redesign which was carried out by the Botao Landscape studio. The designers wanted to start from the concept of a City Parlor as the center of a commercial area that would also ensure pollution control and the recovery of the natural…

Reconstruction of the Square in Frýdlant by Vladimir Balda Architekt

By : lau | 3 Sep 2014 2:04 pm | Urban

The practice of Vladimir Balda Architekt was commissioned in 2011 to rebuild the square in Frydlant, Czech Republic, making the public space more open so that different activities can take place here. Three types of paving tiles were used and two stone types to create a pattern which defines each space of the square and, aside from the parking lot, there aren’t any barriers. A fountain with the statue of Albrecht von Wallenstein stands as the dominant element in the…

Central Railway Station Rotterdam

By : lau | 15 Mar 2014 4:05 pm | Other, Urban

The new Central Railway Station in Rotterdam, The Netherlands features a system for transparent curtain walls provided by the ODS-Jansen firm that ensure large expanses of glass with slim sections to allow a good control of the incidence of light. The public transport terminal was re-anchored in the city center to be a part of the European network of transport hubs that were required once the high speed rail system was implemented. The design of the station tries to reflect…

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