Inflatable Bathroom Bubble for your rooftop

By : Mark V | 16 Feb 2013 1:45 am | Other

An original and fun project is Pop Up My Bathroom in which a team of creative experts and trend researchers try out the possibilities held by a modern bathroom design for the society. The products of this project are shown through a traveling exhibition and this project, The Bathroom Bubble, is a part of this design experiment.

This inflatable and transparent design offers all the comfort and luxury of a normal bathroom but is doesn’t have the toilet, since it lacks the privacy of the usual one. A survey was taken to list the qualities the participants would want from a perfect bathroom and most of them wanted a view towards the garden or even a terrace, and this project offers just that, – a panoramic view along with mobility.

Due to the fact that it can be moved the bubble can be set anywhere and it offers the protection from elements while also permitting you to have the best view. Yet this is a lot more than an umbrella, since you can even have a bath in it. Probably the best way to evaluate it though is to see it for yourself and if you want to do that the project is available at the ISH Fair in Frankfurt until the 16th of March.


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