Indigo Tower Project by 10 Design

By : Mark V | 27 Nov 2011 1:44 am | Skyscrapers

The tower was designed by 10 design, a design team that comes from Hong Kong that imagined this futuristic sustainable tower.  Innovative nanotechnology was used in the design of the building and of course passive solar systems were added to the structure of this tower.

This is how the tower functions: it uses a nano coating made of titanium dioxide (TiO2) to clean the air of dirt and pollution.TiO2 is triggered by a photocatalyst reaction,this means it is an oxidation agent. The sunlight provides the natural trigger for the TiO2 during the day whilst ultraviolet lights ,powered by photovoltaic panels that collected energy, maintain it during the night.

It is called the Indigo Tower because it glows during the night with the help of the energy it gathered during the day and this skyscraper tries to make a stand and be eco friendly.

The design of the tower allows it to be divided into three bars because this makes it seem extended and each bar can capture the sunlight and increase the wind speed. Thus,the extended surface area allows more titanium dioxide to be put on the skyscraper,making the air cleaner than before.


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