Incheon Children Science Museum by HAEAHN Architecture

By : Dennis Franklin | 5 Nov 2014 6:19 pm | Museums

The Children Science Museum located in Incheon, South Korea was designed in 2011 by the practice of HAEAHN Architecture in collaboration with Yooshin Architects & Engineers and Seongwoo Engineering & Architects as the first specialized science museum for children in Korea.

The project is at the entrance of the KyeYang Mountain and its design tries to incorporate the geographical context beginning from the idea of a “sponge that embraces children’s dreams”. “Sponge” became the keyword for the entire project which integrates architecture with exhibition spaces, landscaping and interior design.

The structure is irregular with perforated elevations and outdoor spaces to create an interaction with the city and the interior is decorated with various sculptures and attractions beginning from the central hall which gives access to all the programs.

The idea of a sponge led to the spotted façade that wants to recreate this image through a vesicular opening through the lumber panel which also continues inside.


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