The Most Impressive Restaurants and Bars Presented in 2014

By : Dennis Franklin | 23 Dec 2014 5:51 pm | Restaurants & Bars

The most important gathering places for modern people are the bars and restaurants so each one tries to reinvent its look to attract more customers and today we take a look at the ones that impressed us the most this year, either through their elegance or through their originality.

10. Donnys Bar by Luchetti Krelle

Although this bar is located in the Manly suburb in the north of Sydney, Australia, the designers implemented an aesthetic that is inspired from the New York lofts to evoke comfort and security to the clients, bringing together industrial and rustic elements into a delightful whole.

9. Eclectic by Tom Dixon

This is the first flagship interior created by the Tom Dixon Studio in Paris, France and it is located in the Beaugrenelle Center that was a shopping mall from 1978 that was redesigned with an aesthetic that references the original Brutalist style. Raw materials like concrete are intermixed with elegant ones like marble, brass or leather for a luxurious and modern setting.

8. Treehouse Restaurant

This is the most unconventional selection in this top since it was built as a marketing campaign for Yellow Book with an egg-shape that stands suspended in a tree to provide the clients with a great view of the Warkworth, Auckland, New Zealand region.

7. Shustov Brandy Bar by Studio Belenko

Located in Odessa, Ukraine, this dazzling bar is filled with wooden textures, warm tones and a ceiling made from empty bottles for an impactful impression. The cellar was built in the 19th century and brought to contemporary standards with simple but highly effective elements.

6. Joben Bistro Pub by 6th Sense

This steampunk pub is located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania and was designed with an aesthetic inspired from the novels of Jules Verne combining vintage artworks and furniture pieces with a carefully planned illumination that sets the atmosphere for one of the best pubs we have seen this year.

5. BO18 by Bernard Khoury

This enormous nightclub in Karantina, Beirut, Lebanon wants to transform an abandoned warehouse into a very modern party setting with a retractable roof to allow the clients to enjoy the night sky. The region was a warzone not long ago and you can still see the marks so the designers implemented a raw aesthetic with plenty of metallic elements to suit the urban environment.

4. Bistrobar by DWA Studio and SpectaculArch

The Dried Chat Room is the centerpiece of the project with an extensive display of smoked, dried, dehydrated and salted food, offering low energy cooking methods into an ambiance created with a golden ceiling, Styrofoam tables and plastic garden chairs.

3. Izakaya Kinoya by Jean de Lessard

Although from the pictures you might not guess it, this unconventional restaurant and bar is located in Montreal, Canada, with an aesthetic that emulates the spirit of the Japanese izakaya, which are places where you can gather to drink beer or sake.

2. Victoria Brown Bar and Restaurant by Hitzig Militello Arquitectos

This restaurant and bar in Buenos Aires, Argentina was created for a specific audience so the designers brought complex mechanisms and dark illumination elements for a steampunk setting that is cozy and mysterious.

1. Hueso by Cadena + Asociados

The name of the restaurant means “bone” in Spanish and it sets the theme for the entire project with an interior that is decorated with no less than 10.000 bones. The building dates from the 1940s and is located in the Lafayette district of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico with reclaimed wood to bring a warmer tone inside and a contrast to the otherwise white ambiance.


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