Ikibana Restaurant by El Equipo Creativo

By : Dennis Franklin | 1 Sep 2015 4:25 pm | Restaurants & Bars

Offering a fusion between the Japanese and the Brazilian cuisine, the Ikibana restaurant is located in Barcelona, Spain and it was designed by the architectural practice El Equipo Creativo.

Since the two cultures seem quite different at first glance, the designers found their first challenge when trying to identify the elements that the two have in common. Their find was concerning the landscape, something that both cultures treasure and this became the central theme of the project.

The interior was created as an artificial landscape which is reminiscent of the lush landscape of Brazil and it is decorated with Japanese paintings and dramatic arts representative of their surroundings. Ikebana flower arrangements are also present all over to emphasize the focus on the natural.

The bars and kitchens are spread around the restaurant rather than being centralized to provide a homogenous ambiance and the guest seats are designed in the shape of colorful bowls.

There are a lot of natural colors, with wood predominating, and the ceiling features an intertwining of branches that gives the whole interior an organic design.



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