Ice House by Minarc

By : Dennis Franklin | 19 Feb 2014 5:01 pm | Homes

This impressive contemporary home called the Ice House is located near Reykjavik, Iceland and it was designed by the Minarc architectural practice with sustainable features and according to the local regulations so that it would preserve the natural landscape as well as offer a modern aesthetic.

The house incorporates elements that maximize its passive solar gain and offers natural cross ventilation so that the energy costs would be minimal and the designers also used sustainable materials and an organic shape. The interior is bright and open with a neutral color palette and a minimalist use of decorations.

The project spreads over a surface of 1500 square feet and it contains two bedrooms, a bathroom and an additional separate loft. There are elevated decks and floors to maintain the structure above ground level and allow  a better view of the surroundings through the extensive glass openings in the living area and in the bedrooms that also ensure abundant natural light inside.



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