Ice Dome Bolshoy by SIC Mostovik

By : Dennis Franklin | 16 Apr 2013 7:58 pm | Indoor Arenas

Located in the city of Sochi, Russia the Ice Dome Bolshoy was designed in 2012 by the practice of SIC Mostovik and was meant to be reminiscent of the famous Faberge egg through its shape and through the exterior patterns. The main structure has an ellipsoid shape and is white, but through a system of LEDs the exterior can gain the colors and patterns of a Faberge egg or any other patterns as sell.

Another source of inspiration was the proximity of the site with the Black Sea shore, only 300 meters away, on the Imeretinskaya lowland. The façade tried to show this through an aquatic curved glazing on the two extremes, one of which is facing the Caucasus Mountains and the other towards the Black Sea. The façade also permits the visitors to enjoy splendid views and offers a glimpse of the interior.

The building’s shell is covered with aluminum composite panels that reflect the exterior and the dome covers a total surface of 31745 square meters. The main auditorium has seats for 12000 spectators which have the color palette varying from a deep red to a light grey.



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