Ibirapuera Apartment by Diego Revollo

By : Dennis Franklin | 16 Sep 2014 5:13 pm | Apartments

The Ibirapuera Apartment located in the neighborhood with the same name in Sao Paulo, Brazil was designed by one of the most appreciated architectural practices of Brazil, namely Diego Revollo, who created a contemporary interior with hardwood floors and Carrara marble to bring elegance and comfort for the middle-aged couple inhabiting it and for their children.

The apartment spreads over a surface of 350 square meters with classical elements integrated to bring balance to the technological additions with more traditional touches. The main qualities of the original space, namely the large windows and high ceiling of around three meters were the starting point for the design.

The light is the best way of making the furnishings and artworks stand out, so the predominantly white interior became a gallery with contrasting touches of black, beige and gray to evoke the elegance of the modern Italian design.

The doors were chosen to dim the sounds and the walls were coated in acoustic foam to reduce the noise so that the interior is as serene and peaceful as possible.


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