Hyundai Card Travel Library by Wonderwall

By : Dennis Franklin | 1 Sep 2014 10:18 am | Other

The members of the Hyundai Card received a new Travel Library located in Seoul, South Korea which features a design created by the Wonderwall architectural practice in 2014.

The concept of travel defines the entire project as a Stock of Curiosity. There is a café inside and the Travel Library invites the visitors to explore the space in a manner similar to that of travelling, going from one experience to the next, each with its own objects and characteristics.

The complex geometry of the interior is stunningly beautiful and from the upper floor you can have an overview of the entire space, with books from floor to ceiling on one side and an open glazed façade on the other side.

A sculptural white staircase in the center of the library connects the two floors leading from the café on the ground floor to the bookshelves and a way of portraying the cosmopolitan mindset was by placing chairs from all around the world inside.



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