Hurlimann Brewery in Zurich

By : Dennis Franklin | 3 Dec 2013 6:15 pm | Hotels & Spas

The former Hurlimann Brewery built in 1836 in the center of Zurich, Switzerland was recently renovated and transformed into a contemporary hotel with thermal baths and spa supplied by the naturally heated water from a nearby spring.

The project is a member of the Aqua Spa Resorts Group and it features angular geometries to add a contrasting element to the traditional design and it becomes the single idea once you reach the rooftop. The original wooden vats were restored and they actually host the baths now with different temperatures.

The vaulted chambers became the auxiliary pools, steam rooms and lounges and the top received a new design using concrete to project into the sky with a rooftop spring overlooking the city. The barrel filling compound using original materials, – stone and wood, is used in the more contemporary areas to create a connection with the rest and this is where the new spa was placed.



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