Housing Tower proposal by Tammo Prinz Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Mar 2014 8:08 pm | Skyscrapers

This Housing Tower is a submission designed by the practice of Tammo Prinz Architects from Germany for the housing competition in Lima, Peru offering a geometric concrete structure that is a great example of deconstructivist architecture.

The tower stands on two volumes of different shapes, one square and the other a dodecahedron and there is a public plaza accessible via steps that are enclosed in a rectangular open air area that acts as an amphitheater for the project.

The individual units stand above the rectangular zone and they have pentagonal shapes with a rigid frame on the exterior to allow a flexible interior space with outdoor terraces that provide a complete housing space.

The complicated shapes and patterns of the structure give it a sculptural character and will ensure the character of a landmark for the region since the surrounding urban landscape is mostly comprised of typical modern structures.



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