House Van der Watt by Wolff Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 14 Oct 2014 2:17 am | Homes

The practice of Wolff Architects designed this residential project in the Cederberg Mountains of South Africa in collaboration with botanists so that a clearing could be found in the protected vegetation of the region to host the new house.

The residence was oriented to take advantage of the best views and it integrates into the natural setting with three separate blocks that have a fairface cement brick façade as the rocks around it. The separation into three blocks was done to minimize the impact which the house has on the setting and they contain the bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen.

The area is very remote and thus the house had to be flame proof and protected from the various animals roaming there. The location was chosen near a large cliff ensured protection from the cold winters and hot summers, with an overhang to the north to ensure shading and shutters on all the windows.

The house takes its electricity from solar sources, water is supplied via a borehole and sewerage was contained on site.


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