House S by Igor Sirotov

By : Dennis Franklin | 28 Apr 2014 9:54 am | Apartments

The impressive designer Igor Sirotov created House S in Kiev, Ukraine with a modern interior for a young family.

The apartment spreads over a surface of 230 square meters and the minimalist features are enhanced through a large array of textures and colors as well as the varied materials used in the design without any decrease in functionality.

The duplex has the living area and dining space as the central areas with two bedrooms on the second floor as well as two wardrobes and a fireplace area as a lounge. The connection between the floors is made via a black staircase and it also acts as a contrasting element to the ambiance adding extra depth and elegance.

The variety of textures is increased through the accent wall with a concrete finish to bring an industrial aesthetic to the room. The illumination was carefully considered to allow the space to be bright without breaking the mysterious atmosphere and some reflective surfaces were integrated to bring extra harmony through the living area and bedroom.



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