House in an Olive Grove by Cooper Joseph Studio

By : Dennis Franklin | 26 Feb 2014 10:13 pm | Homes

This residential project is located in an olive grove in the Dry Creek Valley close to Sonoma, California and it was designed by the Cooper Joseph Studio for two scientists that are involved in a large number of agricultural projects.

The owners are a part of the “locavore” movement which aims to produce the food they eat and supply local markets and restaurants as well with olives, olive oil and honey, even if the climate in the area is very extreme with droughts and floods.

The site spread over 25 acres and had a dilapidated house, so the designers buried utilities, improved the grading to eliminate erosion and built a solar array that is capable to power the entire property. The new house is spread over 850 square feet and three floors at the top of the olive orchard.

The structure is anchored to the hillside with retaining walls and exterior decks to integrate with the surroundings and it also takes advantage of the breeze and shade coming from the southern forests.



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