House of Mr. R by Za Bor Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 4 Aug 2013 8:02 pm | Homes

The House of Mr. R is located in Moscow, Russia and was designed by the practice of Za Bor Architects with an imposing exterior that spreads over a surface of 6028 square feet.

The client asked only that the trees on the site will be preserved and the designers had a free hand at the rest of the details making the house highly modern. The house has a standard zoning with two floors and a basement going 1.2 meters below the ground with a wine cellar underneath it.

The predominant material used is solid-cast reinforced concrete for the framing while the bridges, walls and piers are made with bricks. The rooftop was made with a single piece and it is slightly sloped offering lights toward the stair shaft and dormer.

The roof can also be used for sunbathe or as a terrace connecting the two wings of the house. The second floor gives access to covered balconies to enjoy the view of the surroundings and create an additional link with the exterior.



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