A House in a Moshav by Rotem Guy Interior Designer

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Feb 2015 1:13 pm | Homes

The Rotem Guy interior designer was commissioned to bring up to date a residential project from the early 1950s located in the Porat moshav in the Sharon plain in the central part of Israel.

A moshav is a cooperative agricultural community that was pioneered by the Labour Zionists and this wan was built for a Jewish immigrant family coming from Libya. The original structure was quite typical for the houses built by the Jewish Agency in 1951, meaning it was small and inefficient when compared to contemporary standards.

The family grew with the passage of time and the house needed to be enlarged. The renovation maintained the central elements that would give a historic character to the interior but new content was added to host the additional lodgers, namely a cook and a designer.

The walls and ceiling were exposed for more texture and color and the oldest part is currently occupied by the kitchen, dining area and bedroom. The entrance space was added later and features grey floor tiles, while the other side of the house contains the living room with the wooden roof beams and book shelves of the original home.

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