House in Mohali by Charged Voids

By : Dennis Franklin | 2 Dec 2014 6:14 pm | Homes

Mohali is a satellite town of Chandigarh in the Punjab region of India and this residential project was designed by the Charged Voids architectural practice for an owner that only wanted a contemporary setting with a universal language so that he could later sell the house whether it would be inhabited by a professional or a farmer.

The open layout has overlapping areas for an easier transition between them and a vertical axis offers a view of the entire home. A central courtyard is the core of the house and it brings a natural element to the setting while also ensuring good natural light and ventilation. There are five bedrooms with the public areas on the ground floor to permit the integration with the covered terrace in front.

The designers explained that the ancient science of Vastu shastra was of inspiration for the project, an ancient architectural practice that integrates the buildings with the nature around them through the use of perfect geometric patterns called yantras, as well as symmetrical shapes.


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