House in Muko by Fujiwaramuro Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 28 May 2015 3:23 am | Homes

This original design of this one of a kind mansion was created by the practice of Fujiwaramuro Architects in the city of Muko, just outside of Kyoto, in Japan, and it features an impressive façade that attracts attention while also adding some mystery regarding the use of the building.

Created for a family, the house provides a comfortable modern interior and the exterior has the shape of a fan with large louvres that offer a shift of the natural light during the day as the sun rotates and also provides a lot of privacy. The curved façade tries to mimic the site and the plants on the exterior try to make it look a bit more natural although they are themselves quite outlandish.

Minimalist and also somewhat avant-garde, the house carries the same patterns in the interior where the light colors provide a warm ambiance and a simply beautiful design.



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