House in Madrid by A-cero

By : Dennis Franklin | 23 Apr 2013 6:32 pm | Homes

Located in Madrid, Spain and designed by the architectural practice of A-cero, this home includes a modern design surrounded by careful landscaping to provide a contrast with the structure’s geometry and to increase its impact to the viewer.

The building tries to integrate itself in the environment while offering the most splendid views of the surrounding by taking advantage of the site’s slight steepness. The building is composed of two volumes with a simple rectangular shape that provides large interiors with half levels or double heights.

The interior offers optimal functionality with a space developed over three levels. The main entrance has been designed to as to adapt to the irregular terrain and it leads to a lobby which connects to the wardrobe, living room, dining room, kitchen, office, the pantry, a toilet, the two bedrooms, the two dressing rooms, two bathrooms and the terrace outside. There is also a porch and projections to add a little complexity to the façade.



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