House in Bragança Paulista by Centro Arquitetura

By : Dennis Franklin | 26 Apr 2013 6:11 pm | Homes

Located in the city of Braganca Paulista, approximately 90 km from Sao Paulo, in Brazil, this house was designed in 2009 by the practice of Centro Arquitetura.

The site has a declination in the foreground and there is also a lake in the background thus the designers built the declining plateaus so that the first one is opened toward the street offering parking space and the second plateau, which is a floor lower, hosts the volume of the house.

The house is split into two blocks which are placed side by side, one offering an opening toward the street and the other toward the landscape. The first one contains the utility spaces such as the bathrooms, the kitchen and the laundry, while the second space houses the living areas and the bedrooms. There is also a terrace slab that is above the stone walls containing a barbecue, a pizza oven and a bench for relaxation.

Combining modern design with elements of rustic architecture, the house provides a functional space with a beautiful ambiance ideal for a peaceful life that doesn’t lack any of the comforts of a home in the city.



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